TR514-1/TR514-2 AC 5 Phase Stepper Driver

Applicable stepper motor: Troy, Oriental motor, Sanyo Denki, Tamagawa etc...
• High torque, high response speed AC power supply Stepper Motor Driver.
• Power supply: AC Single-phase with two models:AC110V、AC230V (50/60Hz). Current per phase 1.4A
• New pentagon drive excitation mode:full(500) step、half(1000) step.
• Basic Step Angle: 0.72° / Step
• Correspond to a full range of 5-wire or 10-wire Five-phase stepper motors.
• Control by Pulse signal, Adjust Phase current, Automatic current down, Self-test, Excitation origin detection, Over temperature protection, etc.
• Suitable for Precision positioning control, High speed moving Table & Conveyor, Feeding device, Test equipment, etc.

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