TR514H-D 5 Phase Stepper Driver

Applicable stepper motor: Troy, Oriental motor, Sanyo Denki, Tamagawa etc...
• DC power supply Microsteps driver.
• Small size, low vibration, high resolution, low temperature rise.
• Power supply: DC24V. Current per phase 1.4A.
• Basic Step Angle: 0.72° / Step
• Microsteps:500、1000、2000、2500、4000、5000、10000、12500、20000、25000、40000、50000、62500、100000、125000 (step/rotation).
• New pentagon drive mode: can correspond to full range of 5-wire or 10-wire Five-phase stepper motors.
• Control by pulse signal, Adjust Phase current, Automatic current down, Self-test, Excitation origin detection, Switching Microsteps, Over temperature, Power reverse protection.
• Applicable to : High precision, Low vibration applications: like CCD inspection, Wafer testing, IC packaging inspection, etc.

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