Linear Motion Product

LIMON is a high-tech manufacturer, specialized in automated light to medium-duty linear motion system.
The product range from LM Guideway, Ballscrew, Linear Motion Support, Ballscrew Linear Actuator & Linear Motor.
LIMON products have been widely used in LCD panel industry, electronic industry, photovoltaic industry and many other major industrial fields.

For the linear guide, 18 production lines is under operating, with powerful capacity and various accessories supply. Ball screw is also another mature product, includes both rolled type and grind type with high precision and full-feature. 
The linear actuators come in basic three types, or a combination of these: belt-type actuators for fast-moving, light-impact use; ball-screw type actuators for precision applications, and cylinders for multi-point orientation needs. Collectively, they meet a wide range of demands from multiple industries, including machining, auto industry, part testing, electronics, medical, food filling, stamping machines, “4D” cinema seats, and so forth.