Networking Product

Feature of ProductsBU&SBU BRUSHLESS Motor Driver锛It can be controlled by 3 modes, i.e. [Communication Mode], [Panel Mode] and [I/O Mode].7 color LED indicator shows the running status of motor and driver.AIO Positioning Type Speed Control Motor锛Motor and Controller 2 in 1.Two modes of speed and positioning can be set according to needs.P502S Communication type Double-axis programmable controller8 group programs can be choosed and connected. It can choose relative/absolute position.Maximum PULSE speed is up to 4.9MppsApplication OccasionsUse to control single/ Double-axis positioning for groups of Stepping/Servo Motors through communication→P502S Communication type Double-axis programmable controllerSuitable for occasions requiring speed servo characteristics or communication control→→BU&SBU BRUSHLESS Motor Driver