Ballscrew Actuator

Available in 3 sizes:

DZ50, DZ80, DZ120

Stroke length:

50~1500 mm (incremental of 50mm length)

Maximum carry load :

Horizontal: 30 ~110 kg

Vertical:      10  ~  33 kg

Maximum travelling speed: 250~1000 mm/sec

Repeatative stopping accuracy:+-0.01mm

KS module is different from aluminum ball screw actuator, KS module as series industrial stage modularizes both ball screw and guideway to achieve better performance on accuracy, stiffness, rapid installation, and space saving.

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The basic principle of linear stepper motor: using a screw and nut meshing, take some way to prevent the relative rotation of the screw nut, so that the screw axial movement. Generally speaking, there are two ways to achieve this transformation at present.

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