NX Servo Motors

Oriental Motor offers two types of servo motor solutions. Tuning Free Servo Motor products or Hybrid Servo Motor / Stepper Motor products. Both types of solutions provide closed loop control along with many other advantages.


Our Tuning Free Servo Motors are traditional servo solutions where the encoder provides feedback to the driver and all motion is controlled through a Position Counter. Use of the limited duty region is available for short periods of time where more torque is required.


Our Hybrid Servo Motor / Stepper Motors are closed loop as well and utilize a different motor technology where as they provide maximum torque throughout their entire speed torque range without the concern of operating in the limited duty region. See the speed torque comparison below for a clear comparison. Also, our Hybrid Servo Motor / Stepper Motor driver are Network compatible.


50 W up to 750 W Tuning Free Servo Motors


Tuning Free or Hybrid Servo Motors available


Gear and Electromagnetic Brake options


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