TR514H-F RKD 5 Phase Stepper

Key Features

  • AC100 ~ 240V input voltage range, and it could reduce the stock types through one machine with multi functions.
  • Applicable stepper motor: Troy, Oriental motor, Sanyo Denki, Tamagawa etc...
  • Basic Step Angle: 0.72° / Step
  • With 16 options of the stepping angles settings, min divisions could up to 125,000 pulses/ rotation.
  • It could set up 2 different kind of stepping angles M1.M2 simultaneously, and easily set up 2 speed control through contact switching.
  • Do not need to add the current limiting resistor while using the signal end with DC5 ~ 24V.
  • With the new safety plug terminal design, it could not only fasten the screw but prevent the connector fall off.
  • With wave shape shell, it could increase the thermolysis areas and effectively lower the temperature.

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